November 10th, 2016

Top 25 announced!


XTC 2017 returns with a fresh batch of emerging tech titans for the race to Sir Richard Branson’s Necker Island.


November 10th, 2016 Extreme Tech Challenge 2017Extreme Tech Challenge (XTC) 2017 introduces the Top 25 contenders who will now enter the hotly-contested race to the finals on Sir Richard Branson’s Necker Island. Igniting the world’s most venerable minds to alter the face of technology as we know it, the Top 25 class of aspirant champions represent nearly every sector of the entrepreneurial world imaginable – from connected hardware to virtual reality to breakthroughs in medical procedures. At stake is the ultimate prize of global visibility with three finalists to pitch their fledgling ventures to Branson alongside a phenomenal panel of brilliant judges, receiving invaluable resources to amplify their success and scale their companies along the way.


Selected from a vast pool of applicants, the XTC 2017 contenders moving on to the next stage of the competition boast incredible resumes from Australia to Tel Aviv, and are as diverse in industry as they are in country of origin, exemplifying the significant strides being made daily in innovation.


Among international frontrunners to the finals in February 2017 are Tel Aviv’s cyber-threat prevention enterprise Intezer Labs and fellow contemporaries, health and wellness company Mobile ODT, who has created the Enhanced Visual Assessment (EVA) System – a powerful tool for cervical visualization and clinical tracking for health facilities. Conversely, transcending both international waters and earth’s atmosphere is London-based connected hardware company Canaria, who has catapulted technology into a new frontier, placing their focus on changing the current limitations of wearable space technologies.


Stateside, the ingenuity of prospective candidates is flourishing with hopeful entrants eclipsing the sectors of health and wellness, enterprise, virtual reality, medicine, and transportation. NYC medical company Cresilon uses plant-based materials to conceive an adhesive hemostatic gel to stop a bleed effectively, transforming the way physicians respond to lacerations. Inline with their medical counterpart, EkoDevices is a health and wellness company who built a stethoscope that converts swifty between digital and analog modes, featuring the largest self-contained audio driver of any stethoscope on the market.


Exploring uncharted landscapes in innovation, virtual reality company EmergeNow utilizes ultrasound to enable users to pair existing devices with an augmented reality, creating immersive experiences within a shared virtual environment, allowing people to interact with loved ones like never before. Comparably, transportation trailblazers Dubuc Motors have unleashed the Tomahawk: the fastest, all-electric sports car in existence, and now, a strong contender in XTC 2017. See the full list of 2017 entrepreneurial tech pioneers here.


A compelling cadre of nascent companies, the advancing virtuosos face a sinuous path to Necker Island, as XTC 2017 takes place across three key platforms in three distinct areas of the world.


Looking ahead, the Top 25 is invited to join the MaiTai community at their annual Ocean Gala December 3rd where the Top 10 will be unveiled. Following the soirée, the Top 10 Semi-Finalists must immediately prepare to travel to Las Vegas where they will present live at CES® 2017 on stage to a panel of judges led by Gary Shapiro, Consumer Technology Association (CTA™) President & CEO.


Only three finalists will move on to the final round of XTC 2017 at Necker Island to apprise their vision one last time for all-star judges including Sir Richard Branson, Founder C3 loT Tom Siebel, Managing Partner of Aspect Ventures Theresia Gouw, Founder and CEO of Breyer Capital Jim Breyer and Chief Technology Officer of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign Stephanie Hannon. The Top 3 receive mentoring from top entrepreneurs, infrastructure and potential financial support while the anointed champion will get bragging rights and priceless networking opportunities.


XTC is presented by MaiTai Global, a vanguard collective of the world’s leading entrepreneurs, creators, and athletes. Participants combine their energy, network and resources to help each other achieve professional success, pushing the limits of work and play while also fueling philanthropic activities around the world.


Extreme Tech Challenge 2017 Top 25:

Active Protective • Agolo • Audicus • Canaria • Cloudwear • Cresilon • Dubuc Motors • EkoDevices • EmergeNow • Evercharge • Filament • Intezer Labs • Lisnr • Lumenos • MiniBrew • MobileODT • Neuroon • Online Induction • PraiseWorthy • ReDeTec • • Vantage • WellTwigs • WTFast Network • Zuznow