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Eureka Park Qualifications


Exhibitors occupying space in the Eureka Park Marketplace must meet the following qualifications:

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The technology displayed must be applicable to the consumer technology space: If you dream that your technology would benefit consumers one day, then you belong in Eureka Park.

Exhibitor must show a technology that can be realized commercially within three (3) years but is not currently available to consumers.

An exception will be granted to software/online services currently available to consumers with public launch dates no more than nine (9) months prior to CES.

If the Exhibitor has product currently available to consumers, the product cannot have been launched longer than 12 months prior to submitting an exhibit space contract for Eureka Park.

The product or service shown must be innovative with the potential to make a profound impact on the market.

Exhibitor may showcase products or services, and can be fundamental inventions with broad applicability.

The technology must be demonstrable as a prototype or software mockup, no paper/concept entries.

Exhibitors must display finished goods and under their own brand name(s) rather than as an OEM/ODM.

Participation is not limited to researchers and startups. Exhibiting organizations may have other commercial technologies as long as the technology shown in Eureka Park meets these criteria.

Must be a first-time exhibitor. Eureka Park alumni will also be considered as long as all other criteria still apply. No company may participate for more than two (2) consecutive years if product is not yet available to consumers. Companies whose product is already available to consumers are not eligible to participate more than one (1) year.

CTA reserves the right to cancel exhibitors who do not adhere to these entry criteria and/or the terms and conditions on the space contract.

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