January 18th, 2017

Treasure Data is Excited to Sponsor the Extreme Tech Challenge 2017!

Treasure Data is excited to be sponsoring the Extreme Tech Challenge! Why? Well, when most people think of “extreme tech” they probably think of things that make them say “AWESOME!” You know,  things like:

  • Real time language translators
  • Hand-held molecular sensors
  • Wearable exoskeletons

If that’s you: we get it. This kind of technology is inspiring because it represents the cutting edge of human creativity to solve wildly different problems and that’s where we come in. Where most people see the difference in functionality, use-case, and outcome, we also see the common thread that unites them all: they’re all built with live data.

Live data is the secret sauce behind every disruptive “unicorn” of the last 20 years: Amazon, Netflix, Tesla, AirBnB. They all used live data to create smarter products and disrupt multi-billion dollar industries.  Good for them, it proves what can happen when a bunch of smart people work hard towards a common goal. But, in some ways, you could say they had it easy.  

Easy because, at the time, most companies weren’t thinking about live data, so even small implementations of smarter products were enough to disrupt markets and help these companies get ahead. Today it’s a different story. Today’s startups are competing against legacy fortune 500s and modern disruptors all of whom have the cash and resources to hire an army of engineers. So how is a modern startup supposed to compete?

We think an important part of the solution is giving startups easy access to their live data. This allows them to focus their precious resources on building their product, analyzing their market and understanding their customers, instead of focusing on infrastructure. Since, after all, when entrepreneurs go into business, usually it’s because they want to build something new, not because they want to get bogged down with operational details.

With that in mind, Treasure Data is proud to offer 5 free Live Data Management accounts to of the winners of the Extreme Tech Challenge. We know our  LDM platform will give you a competitive advantage as you seek to become the next generation of forward-looking technology companies.