January 30th, 2017

“The best legacy we can give is to help others become entrepreneurs”

“The best legacy we can give is to help others become entrepreneurs”

Nothing compares to drive, that internal fire that wakes us at dawn and motivates us to stay up late, igniting within us an overwhelming sense of purpose that gives life new meaning. It is in this meaning that you find you have discovered your real vision, and despite how overwhelming the vision may be, you are determined to bring it to fruition, no matter what. Drive, in all of its many forms, is the true catalyst for success in entrepreneurial pursuits.

With the questions and doubts that will likely flood any aspiring entrepreneur’s mind, the question remains: What does it really take to get to the stage of fulfillment and certainty about your vision? As an established businessperson will tell you, it is all a constant discovery process, accepting mistakes and cultivating better approaches from lessons learned. It’s often said that nothing good in life comes easy. Similarly to everything else in life, putting forth strong effort into understanding one’s true desires, talents, strengths and weaknesses is the key to moving forward as an entrepreneur, using it as a starting point for what’s to be an exciting yet challenging journey. The process is not easy; in fact, sometimes it can be quite painful, long and frustrating. In the end, it’s perseverance that really matters.

Ever an advocate for those looking to turn their visions into reality, iTutorGroup supports the Extreme Tech Competition (XTC) to reward the work, sacrifice, struggle and success of those entrepreneurs who have come a long way to become inspiring founders and change-makers. While it may seem easier to start a company in this century than it was a few decades ago, the need for courage, business-acumen, perseverance and the ability to identify new opportunities has never faltered. Sometimes the hardest part of the journey is implementing the changes we want to bring to life. The good thing is that it takes only a heartbeat to change, as Tony Robbins says.


We applaud all XTC applicants who have applied and qualified into this competition, and we’re happy to provide support in any way we can. Please reach out to us on Facebook or Twitter.


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