June 30th, 2017

Watch: XTC 2017 Finals on Necker Island

In February of this year, the XTC Finals took place on Necker Island, with three of the world’s most ambitious entrepreneurs hoping to take the win. The finalists had endured a fierce competition, beating over a thousand entrants to the deciding stages of the competition.

Watch the video of XTC’s most anticipated event, featuring comments from the competition creators, judges and finalists.

XTC 2017 champion Vantage Robotics triumphed with Snap, a fully portable, safe and incredibly easy-to-use 4K flying camera. Founder Tobin Fisher remarked, “We’re honored beyond words to be selected amongst such a prestigious group of companies”.

Second place runner-up was Cresilon, a plant-based homeostatic gel that accelerates the natural blood-clotting process, and third place finisher ReDeTec has produced a technology that can automatically and safely recycle waste plastic into 3D printing filament.

Congratulations to the Extreme Tech Challenge participants.

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