October 4th, 2017

Meltwater’s SHACK15 offers global co-working spaces for Data Science start-ups

It is a great time to be in London, if you are a data science or AI company. Over the last few years the city has emerged as a global technology powerhouse, boasting a number of major success stories in the data science and Artificial Intelligence sectors— from now-Alphabet-owned DeepMind, to machine learning discovery app Blippar, to voice recognition startup VocalIQ or security company Darktrace.

Now, though, data science companies have found something more than a vibrant city and inspiring role models: a home. SHACK15 is a recently launched coworking space for data science startups— right in Shoreditch, the pulsating, street-art-covered heart of London’s tech city.

SHACK15 was started by Meltwater CEO Jorn Lyseggen, who will also be judging the data science vertical at the upcoming Extreme Tech Challenge for startups.

SHACK15 is fully backed by Meltwater and was conceived as a place where data science company founders and their teams can find all they need to work, hold meetings, and grow their business. Jorn’s goal when launching SHACK15 was to build an ecosystem where like-minded individuals could come together and collaborate, find potential synergies, and become part of a global community.

SHACK15 aims at being a bustling hub where people who love data science and/or Artificial Intelligence— entrepreneurs, academics or just enthusiasts— can network, be inspired, and support each other. Concretely, that means comfortable sofas, a fully-fitted bar and a Nordic-style ping-pong table.

“I have seen so many coworking spaces in London, but SHACK15 truly stands out from the crowd,” says Victor Trokoudes, CEO of award-winning fintech startup Plum, and a SHACK15 resident.

Being part of SHACK15 also allows members to hot-desk in a smorgasbord of partner locations around the world: from Berlin, to Sydney, San Francisco, New York and Singapore.

“We are now part of a global family,” explains resident Vivian Chan, the founder and CEO of Sparrho, a platform using Artificial Intelligence to aid science researchers. “We feel like an international startup.” (Vivian was recently named one of Europe’s 35 foremost young innovators by the MIT Technology Review.)

Thanks to its global reach, Meltwater can count on a network of hot desks in more than 45 countries around the globe. A perk for SHACK15 members is to get access to those hot desks, and have a base wherever they go for meetings or business trips.

Eight blue-ribbon data science startups have established their HQ at SHACK15 so far. The diversity of the range of sectors they are out to disrupt is stunning, and includes nutrition, banking, expense management, security and academic research among many others.

This is no surprise for whoever is familiar with London. Fostered by the proximity of such world-class universities as Cambridge, Oxford and UCL, and propelled forward by a unequaled community of professionals, investors and creatives, the British capital has gifted the world with some of the most accomplished data science companies in recent history. SHACK15 is now at the centre of this exciting world, proud to play a vital role.